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Ananya Vinod


When I came to New Horizon, the vibes of this college made me realize that I have entered a warm, diverse and a lively community, that will help me harness the power of knowledge. I was able to share a great bond with my teachers, who have not only imparted their knowledge but also provided […]

Priyadarshini T


I’m glad to say that NHPUC renders an overall growth of students. They ensure not just academics but overall personality development also which is a trait that not many insist on the current period. I have been extremely pleased with the teachers, curriculum and the holistic development that the college emphasis on. Teaching is extremely […]

Anirudh Sree Nair


New Horizon PU college is one of the best known and reputed PU colleges in Bengaluru. The college is affiliated to Karnataka PU board and provides quality education to those who knock at its doors. Be it the ever-approachable faculty members, state-of-the-art labs, or the conducive environment for learning, academics never takes a backseat at […]

Shreya Murugan


New Horizon PU College is nothing sort of its name.It strives to achieve new horizons every day and we students could not be more proud to be a part of it.NHPU works like a well oiled machine and without one others would not be able to reach for the stars.I immensely enjoyed my experience here. […]