The Lecture Hall: is air-conditioned, spacious, well ventilated and equipped with well designed furniture, which makes learning an enlightening activity. Lecture hall has state of the art facilities like over head projector.

Method Rooms: The Method rooms are Spacious and well ventilated. Teaching, paper presentations, seminars, workshops are conducted everyday, in a conducive atmosphere.

Chemistry Lab: The chemistry lab has all the apparatus and chemicals to conduct experiments related to secondary school syllabus.

Physics Lab: The physics lab is fully equipped with all the apparatus required for secondary school syllabus which helps the student trainees to conduct experiments in the classroom during practice in teaching.

Biology Lab: The Biology lab is equipped with all the necessary apparatus and specimens which helps in meaningful coherence between theory and practice.

Computer Lab: The Computer Lab is housed in an air-conditioned hall and is equipped with latest multimedia facilities, to cater to the needs of each teacher trainee. The lab is connected to the Internet at the click of the mouse.

Library: New Horizon College of Education library is computerized. It has more than 11000 volumes of books and 39 of the latest national and international educational journals and periodicals. A photocopier/Duplication machine is available for the use of the faculty and students.

Psychology Lab: Educational psychology initiates the teacher towards understanding the learner. This subject is taught to the budding teachers with series of experiments available in our psychology laboratory, which provides first hand experience in the administration, and analysis of the tests.

Technology Lab: Modern methods of teaching requires the use of technology in the classroom. To train teachers with the use of technology in teaching, New Horizon College of Education is well equipped with air-conditioned technolab with facilities like LCD Projector, T.V, VCR & VCD.

Auditorium: We have a spacious auditorium with modern acoustics, through which a platform is provided to exhibit talents of our trainees.

Canteen: We have a spacious, clean canteen where priority is given to hygiene and healthy food.


The New Horizon College of Education has well equipped digitalised Library with 11,000 volumes and 39 Journals.

Library Advisory Committee

President: Dr. Roopamala R. Koneri
Convenor: Mr. Venkatesha
Members: Dr. Savita Puri, Dr. Jayadeva M.D, Dr. Manjula K. Swamy, Dr. Shashikala M.S

Library has the following resources available to the staff and students.

  • * Total number of volumes of Books 11690.
  • * Total number of titles 6736.
  • * Total number of Educational Journals 39.
  • * Open access system facility with Easy lib software.
  • * Annual membership of British Council Library.
  • * SC/ST Book Bank facility.
  • * Internet facility for staff and students.
  • * Library resources are utilized by alumni, research scholars and IGNOU B.Ed. trainees.


New Horizon College of Education organises Annual Sports day for the Prospective teachers and also encourages them to take part in various inter collegiate competitions.

Other Facilities

New Horizon College of Education has excellent infrastructure which includes Audio Visual Room, Resource Room, library methods rooms, computer lab, language lab, Auditorium and Canteen.

  • Air-Conditioned Lecture Hall.
  • Individual Method Rooms.
  • Well Equipped Physics, Chemistry & Biology Laboratory.
  • Ultramodern Audiovisual Room & Computer Laboratory.
  • Music Room for Indian Western Music.
  • Unique Dance Room.
  • Computer lab .
  • Play Ground for Indoor & Outdoor Games.
  • Informative Library Facility With Large Number of Books & Educational Journals.
  • Special Book Bank Facility is Arranged For SC & ST Students.

Extra Curricular Activities

Student’s association with various sub-committees will conduct the following programmes.

  • Field trips
  • local visits
  • Sport activities
  • Literary, Cultural Competitions
  • Celebration of important days
  • Educational excursion
  • Community living camps