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Rise from the past, It’s time to relive once again as a Horizonite, it’s never late …

With these true thoughts in mind, New Horizon Family remembers all those young, energetic, dynamic, enterprising and hardworking young citizens of our proud country, who were once upon a time with us as a member of our extended family to reunite your association with the Institution you have passed years ago at a different level and with focused intention.

We would like you to share your experience with other alumnus, build that networking and human bonding to gain, grow and disseminate the knowledge through experience you have gained in the world.

With a passion to build a strong society for the nation and more so the Intellectual growth of the country, we look forward for a mighty contribution from your side in form of sharing your expertise, knowledge, experience, passion and commitment to make our youngsters at the Institution to learn and re learn from those in the reality of the world.

As such we name this movement as “I am a proud Horizonite “in which alumni’s will take up the initiatives in association with the Institution for a better living and society.

Looking forward for a positive response and pro active participation…

Kindly register yourself and be a part of this enriching movement…