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For Admissions contact

E-mail: admissionsnhpuc@newhorizonindia.edu

Mobile: +91-9606955875
Mobile: +91-9886047078

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Points To Note

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future. This statement deems itself to be true. Students are the future of our nation and New Horizon Educational Institutions believe that fostering students is the best way to secure our Future.  

New Horizon Pre-University College is recognized as an ‘A’ grade college on the basis of Academics, Affiliation, and Administration by the Department of Pre university Education in Karnataka. NHPUC has provided students with the right to education with a myriad of combinations under Commerce and Science.  


Choosing science directs the students to some of the most influential professional careers such as Engineering, Medical and other Applied Sciences.  

NHPUC provides students with 3 extremely flexible, brain-jerking courses.

PCMB – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology  

PCME – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Electronics 

PCMCPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science 


NHPUC provides 3 courses in commerce to choose a career in commerce like Chartered Accountant, Investment Banker, Business Analyst and many more. 

SEBAStatistics, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy 

CEBA – Computer science, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy 

BmBaStBasic Mathematics, Business Studies, Accountancy and Statistics 

Dress Code

The following dress code must be adhered to by the students at all times within the campus premises:

For boys:
  • No shorts
  • No headgears(Except Pagdi for Sikhs)
  • No overly torn jeans
  • No chappals
For girls:
  • No shorts
  • No short skirts/dresses
  • No short tops
  • No overly torn jeans
  • No strapless tops
  • No burkhas
  • No headgears/headscarves

Both Boys and Girls must dress in smart casuals.

The dress code must be strictly adhered to. The college reserves the right to restrict the entry of students not following the dress code.