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Foreign Languages / English

The Department of Pre University has made a remarkable choice of making the student choose a language for their study in the course and our Institution also responded equally well by setting up the department of foreign language wherein French is incorporated as one of the subjects of study and studying the English Language is made compulsory.



This official language of Karnataka, is also among the languages being taught as choice of language in the subject of study. This department paves way for all those whose mother tongue is not Kannada, to study the language and be comfortable with the dialect in their day to day life.



The Institution is giving a fair chance to individuals in choosing their language to study and has found that learners without Hindi being their local language have chosen this language for their study in due course will definitely speak about the quality of teaching and teachers.



Sanskrit is one of the official languages in India and is popularly known as a classical language which is the mother of most languages.

Not to be left behind in the world of languages to study, the Institution provides opportunities for students to study this language as one of the languages of study in tune to the provision made in the choice of languages provided by the Department of Pre University..


The Department of Physics is for anyone with a desire to learn the subject and will always readily help you to tackle the jargon you would have heard about physics. When at college its most of the time you feel like falling behind in the subject and the department would enable you to track on to the right path before it is too late. You feel elated and proud to learn physics from us.


The Department of Chemistry helps to study chemistry and understand the world of structures, bonds, compositions etc.


Mathematics application describes the professional quotient with which every learner in mathematics can work on practical problems in science, engineering and others areas of mathematical concepts. It is found that Mathematics becomes the essential element in natural science, engineering, medicine, finance and the social sciences. You have a good team in the department to teach and motivate you to understand the subject.


It is the study of natural science which is concerned with the study of life and living organisms including their structure, function, evolution, distribution, identification and growth. Today the study of biology is vast and eclectic comprising of several branches and disciplines.

Our commitment towards the young learners of the subject is to ensure that their knowledge on the subject has very close relevance to the careers and professions they would take on in their future.

Computer Science

In this field, the learner specializes the theory of computation and the design of computational systems. If the necessity of learning this subject is your passion then our department is well equipped with both human and physical resources to make your learning effective.


Electronics being part of human life in varied aspects becomes one more crucial area for study and career. If you decide to study electronics then we have the ways and means to educate in the field.

Basic Maths and Statistics

Commercial enterprises use Basic Math and Statistics to record and manage business operations / auditing for accounting inventory, managing marketing, sales forecasting, and financial analysis. The math used is basically elementary one which includes algebra, statistics, probability, elementary arithmetic. Likewise business management can be more effective in some cases with the use of more advanced mathematics such as calculus, matrix, linear programming etc.,

Our department is fully geared to put you on the right track with these subjects and make your studies systematic.


Today with the growth of technology, interdependence, interexchange values, import and export of goods and services, no more is the market the domestic arena but it’s global. In this scenario, education in commerce has reached its pinnacle. The Department of Commerce trains the students in various platforms of commerce education.


Many confuse the study of economics with commerce but we seldom find that the focus of these two allied subjects are the same, as economics looks at the current state of affairs and tries to improvise on the same.

The Department is confident of providing with the foundation of giving the essence and teaching the students can reach with this education at the right place.