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Seminar was organized for students to inculcate the concept of entrepreneurship in them

Date 31-08-2023

Time 2:00pm-3:45 pm

Venue Seminar Hall NHCK

“Embark on a journey of innovation and success with ‘Udaan’ – at New Horizon PU College. Join a community of like-minded trailblazers, fuel your passion for business, and turn your ideas into reality. Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit through workshops, mentorship, and exciting projects.  Let’s create, innovate, and redefine success together!  Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or simply curious, ‘Udaan’ welcomes all dreamers to take flight.  Ready to soar?.

New Horizon Pre University College, Department of Commerce had organized a seminar for I PUC and II PUC science and commerce student. It was a one day event and was conducted on 31st of august 2023. The seminar was organized for students to inculcate the   concept of entrepreneurship in them.

Udaan participants

  1. Sonu
  2. Aditya Janak
  3. Keerthana
  4. Arvin
  5. Ayush Kumar
  6. Ayush Singh
  7. Varsha
  8. Chandhan P
  9. Manya
  10. Neethin
  11. Reennie
  12. Riddhi
  13. Sanjay
  14. Shreya
  15. Tanya  Dinesh
  16. Thania
  17. Thaniya
  18. Vishal
  19. Vrishab